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Getting Surf Fit: Travel Essentials

We have touched on hitting the pool and surf-related balance ideas now let me offer some travel essentials for you to consider to bring on our Learn to Surf Trip this May. Zinc sunblock/Good/healthy sunscreen People have some irrational fears when they think of...

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Getting Surf Fit: Balance

Maybe you have snowboarded for several years, hopped on a wakeboard a few times at the cottage, and you have been known to shred longboard on the streets when the sun is shining.  Question: do the above boardsports translate to the ability to surf? There are...

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Getting Surf Fit 1.0 : Hit the Pool!!

    May’s Learn to Surf trip is fast approaching. In this blog our surf instructor Matty Weiler will be giving you insight on how to get ready for the trip and what to expect. Depending on where you live, this winter has been pretty grey and...

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