What to do while at Brisas del Mar

At Brisas del Mar you have the option of just relaxing in a famous Nica hammock near our 360° bar or being adventurous. The hotel can be used as a springboard for “bucket list” adventures such as volcano boarding on Cerro Negro or a tour of the Padre Ramos Estuary tour. We want to make sure you have the time to fit in all your “must dos”.  For that reason we encourage our guests to give us an idea ahead of their arrival on what they would like to do while in Nicaragua.   Often transportation arrangements will be necessary and we like to have those details ironed out on your behalf!

Padre Ramos Estuary

The Padre Ramos Estuary is the largest and most bio-diverse nature reserve in Nicaragua. The estuary boast hundreds of species and resident and migratory birds in addition to abundant and diverse aquatic fauna. The flora of the estuary is dominated by sprawling mangrove forests that birds and marine life use for nesting area. The estuary ebbs and flows with the tide of the pacific ocean. Local fisherman use the estuary to launch their boats as they travel west into the Pacific Ocean where they ply their trade at the crest of the horizon.

Brisas del Mar guests can explore the estuary while enjoying a sunrise paddle board framed by San Cristobal volcano. Guests can also take a kayak tour through the intricate fingers of the mangrove forest. It is easy to disconnect and enjoy the ambient sounds of the estuary. Gerry leads an informative educational ecological tour of the estuary. He is the President of the Environmental Protection Committee for Northern Nicaragua. Gerry gives an inspirational account of his vision for the planet and the consequences and rewards associated to inaction and action.

Kayak rental: $40 per person
Paddle board rental: $35 per day
Guided Estuary Panga Boat Tour: $40 per person

Turtle Season!! If you are lucky to be at Brisas from November to March, you may have the opportunity to release live baby sea turtles to the Ocean. Add $5 to the Estuary Panga Boat Tour for this option.


Jiquilillo boasts waves that are suitable to the beginner to intermediate surfer.  More advanced breaks are available on a short boat shuttle off the coast of the village.  There is no such thing a crowded beach in Jiquilillo.  You will delight at the endless breaks and marvel at the skill of the local Nica surfers shredding waves “diacachimaba” You can bring your own board or rent one from us.

Surf board rental: $20 per day
Boogie board rental: $10 per day
Surf lessons: $15 per person

Deep Sea Fishing

For the avid angler this is a “must do” You will launch in an authentic Nica Panga boat at the Padre Ramos Estuary. From there your captain Freddy will navigate the estuarial channel and head northwest to the area of the Gulf of Fonseca to fertile fishing reefs. From this vantage point you can see volcanos from Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

When you are out to see you may see giant sea turtles or massive schools of black fin tuna feeding near the surface. Also common to the area are Red Snapper, Rooster Fish and Barracuda.

$300 per half-day trip – cost divided among guests,
maximum 5 persons per trip (all gear is provided)

Volcano Adventures

Nicaragua is known as the “Land of Lakes” however visitors will become more accustomed to seeing volcanos in their travels around the country.
Everyone talks about their “bucket list” or an adventure so unique it will become part of their personal folklore. If this describes you, then “Volcano Boarding” is for you. From Brisas del Mar you will travel to the Cerro Negro Volcano which is close to the colonial City of Leon. Cerro Negro is the youngest active volcano in Nicaragua. You will climb the volcano from base to summit, no need to worry, you can do it. While at the top of the volcano you will be awestruck by an impressive view that includes a chain of volcanos including nearby Telica and Momotombo. Now you will suit up in coveralls and climb onto your board. You can stand snowboard style or sit toboggan style. Whatever way you choose the ride down from the 728 metre summit is thrilling. After your volcano adventure, the inviting main square in City of Leon is the perfect setting for a cafe lunch.  Here you can watch the world walk by or visit the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption or explore the crumbling colonial architecture.  You will soon realize why Leon “City of Poets” is the intellectual heart of Nicaragua.

$60 per person, minimum 4 persons

Horseback Riding

One of the most efficient ways villagers navigate the bumpy roads and beach in Jiquilillo is on horseback. Farmers can be seen at sunrise herding cattle along beach or you may witness an impromptu horse race during Semana Santa. The beach acts as the most direct road during low tide.

Guests at Brisas del Mar can go on a guided horse tour that hugs the coast north from the hotel. No horse experience required.

$25 per person for 4 hours, minimum 4 persons

Bicycle Rentals

A great way to explore Jiquilillo, Los Zorros and Padre Ramos is on bicycle.  You can choose to take the road or the beach if the tide is out.  Many ocean side bars and restaurants frequented by locals are close by and reached on bicycle or foot in minutes.  These are ideal establishments to enjoy a sunset cerveza and watch surfers carve some waves.
Bicycle rental: $15 per day

Chinandega Market Tour

The City of Chinandega is the political seat of the department of Chinandega.  The city of 150,000 people boasts an authentic Central American market which is the centre of commerce for the area.  Anything can be had in the market from fruits and vegetable to piñatas and hammocks.  The streets are bustling and dense with people and vendors.
$10 per person