May’s Learn to Surf trip is fast approaching. In this blog our surf instructor Matty Weiler will be giving you insight on how to get ready for the trip and what to expect.

Depending on where you live, this winter has been pretty grey and snow-filled. If you are like me it could be hard to find motivation to turn off the Netflix and hit the gym, pool, stationary bike or get out for a run. But who could blame you? After shovelling working a full day, shovelling snow for two houses; I’m the first to hit the couch, crack a cold beverage and veg out for the evening. The dead of winter can do that to a lot of us but alas there’s reason to get moving: learning to surf in tropical Nicaragua.

I have had the pleasure of teaching many people on the lakes and the ocean and one thing remains constant: learning to surf is physically demanding and can have you gassed quickly if not prepared. In these posts leading up to the trip I want to offer some suggestions to help you get surf fit and make the most of your trip on land and in the water with me.
This week I want to suggest getting in your local pool as much as possible over the next while before our trip on April 12. I personally love the pool as a full body cardio to prepare myself for a trip or just maintain a desired level of fitness to surf the Great Lakes while I am here in Ontario.

Community pools often have convenient lane swim times at affordable prices. Swimming is a great way to increase cardio and focus on high intensity interval training or bursts to get your body into surf mode. In the water, in between waves, we will be relaxing, sitting on the board, enjoying the surroundings, the company of our friends or just the tranquility of the experience. If we want to catch an oncoming wave, that relaxation needs to turn into action quickly. These required bursts can be practiced in the pool. If swimming lanes tires you out quickly, don’t be discouraged. It happens to me all the time. When I get gassed from doing a front crawl I will switch to just arms and keep moving. Grabbing a flutter board and kicking for a few laps is a great break from all out swimming too.

I suggest getting to the pool at your earliest convenience and gage your current fitness levels. Twice to three times a week until May will be the wake up call your body needs to be frothing this April with me and the team at Brisas Del Mar Nicaragua.

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