Imagine a place where you can take a few steps from your room and you are standing on a tropical beach. As you take a sip of your coconut water you feel the off-shore breeze tussle your frosted tips. At this moment an epiphany hits you right in your undersized rash guard…….”I’m the only one”. You ask yourself, “Can this be real?” You bet it is!

The great thing about staying at Brisas is that Jiquilillo beach is a hidden gem. Largely still flying under the radar, Jiquilillo is a fishing village located on the Pacific Ocean in Northern Nicaragua. Here you will experience practically empty beaches, scattered only with fishing boats and the odd wayward traveler.


Looking north from Brisas del Mar.

The pay off to surfers experiencing a  “hidden gem” is that the break is all yours, no line-ups! Except if you have a surf buddy. And if your so-called “buddy” is dropping in on you, just paddle over a bit and you will find a solo wave.


Tide rolling before the jump off our break wall.

The waters of Jiquilillo are consistently warm. There are many breaks spread along the beach allowing ample room and opportunity to find your spot. We recommend “Lennert’s Left” which slightly north of our hotel.  The sand break is very forgiving with excellent white water for the beginner surfer. You can also challenge yourself with the more advanced waves or our boat break near the Padre Ramos Estuary.


You might have to share the beach with some friendly horses.

When you are bobbing around on your board past the break, the amazing landscape of Northern Nicaragua becomes abundantly evident.  From your board you can see Central America’s largest active volcano San Cristobal.  You can also see volcanoes from El Salvador and Honduras.  If you are lucky a sea turtle might pop-up and say, “Hola”.

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Sunset session? Yes Please!

After your session one of the awesome past-times at Brisas is watching your Surfing Compañeros from the beach side bar and surf gallery while sipping a Toña or Victoria Frost Cerveza.  Then if you are lucky some Saturday night salsa dancing at Hotel Roma.


Stoked to see a friend drop in on a BOMB!

The daily surfing routine is simple at Brisas del Mar.  Wake up, grab a coffee, grab a board, surf. No decision making required.